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Chris Booker


Mr. Booker is a successful venture capital investor and joined Frist Cressey Ventures as a partner in 2016.  Mr. Booker leads the firm's investment team and is responsible for acquisition, divestitures, and providing unique value to the fund's partnerships. 

Mr. Booker has been an investor and/or served on the board of several leading enterprises including:  ProviderTrust, NContracts, Criterion Holdings Corporation, Woodland Street Partners, Stratasan, Paragon Group, and FCV's partnerships.  In addition to his responsibilities at FCV, he is an active board member to nonprofit organizations in the Nashville area.  Prior to joining FCV, Mr. Booker was a partner at XMi Holdings, Inc. managing their investment funds and President of XMi Capital where he participated in over 50 transactions.  While at XMi Holdings, he was CFO and served as a director to healthcare services firm Criterion Holdings Corporation, Inc. Criterion grew from 3 employees to nearly 600 before being acquired in 2016.  

Mr. Booker is a graduate of Vanderbilt University with a B.S. in Engineering and Economics.