• Positive change is altering healthcare at a rapid rate. Those who stand still or stick with traditional ways will go the way of the dinosaurs.
    — Bryan Cressey
  • America abounds with innovation. The spark to flame rests with smart, relentless execution.
    — Senator Bill Frist
  • Changing healthcare happens one degree at a time with companies providing solutions to real world problems.
    — Chris Booker
  • My experience has taught me that high quality does not cost more; in fact it generates money.
    — Bryan Cressey
  • My dad used to say, Good people beget good people.
    — Senator Bill Frist
  • Success is followed by companies keeping people, products, and profits in that order.
    — Chris Booker
  • The American entrepreneur leading revolutionary companies, with new software from young companies such as telemedicine, will combine to make US healthcare the world's recognized best by 2035.
    — Bryan Cressey
  • What we are all about is the culture of health.
    — Senator Bill Frist

Senator William Frist, M.D.
Co-Founder & Partner

Senator Frist is a leading authority on healthcare and former U.S. Senate Majority Leader.  He is a co-founder and partner at FCV.  Dr. Frist resides on the fund's Investment Committee and is responsible for acquisition, divestitures and providing unique value to the fund's partnerships.

Senator Frist served two terms as a United States Senator representing Tennessee, serving as Majority Leader from 2003 until his retirement in 2007. His leadership was instrumental in the passage of the 2003 Medicare Modernization Act and the historic PEPFAR legislation that provided life-saving treatment globally to over 12 million people.  Prior to the Senate, Dr. Frist founded the Vanderbilt Multi-Organ Transplant Center and has performed more than 150 heart and lung transplant procedures.  His current board service includes Select Medical (NYSE: SEM), AECOM (NYSE: ACM), Teladoc (NYSE: TDOC), Aspire Health, Aegis Sciences, Accolade, Kaiser Family Foundation, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, The Nature Conservancy, Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian, Bipartisan Policy Center, and Nashville Health Care Council.

Senator Frist received his M.D. from Harvard Medical School and holds a B.A. from Princeton University. 

Bryan Cressey
Co-Founder & Senior Advisor

Bryan Cressey is a pioneer in the field of private equity investing and co-founder to three of the largest private equity firms in the US. He has managed billions of dollars of private capital, spent his career investing in healthcare, co-founder of  FCV and serves as a Senior Advisor to the firm.  

Mr. Cressey is an acknowledged expert in healthcare, where he has invested for over 30 years, and his firms are well known for their consistently strong investment returns.  He has been featured in Time Magazine and Fortune Magazine and is asked to speak nationwide on healthcare and private equity investing.  He served as Chairman of a NYSE company, Belden, and is a Director of several others, and has been elected to Chicago's Entrepreneurial Hall of Fame and Chicago's Business Hall of Fame.  Bryan recently created an addiction treatment center called Above and Beyond, on Chicago's West side, providing life transformation opportunities, free to the homeless and poor. 

Mr. Cressey holds a J.D. from Harvard Law School, an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School, and a B.A. in Economics from the University of Washington, Phi Beta Kappa. 

Christopher Booker

Mr. Booker is a successful venture capital investor and joined Frist Cressey Ventures as a partner in 2016.  Mr. Booker leads the firm's investment team and is responsible for acquisition, divestitures, and providing unique value to the fund's partnerships. 

Mr. Booker has been an investor and/or served on the board of several leading enterprises including:  ProviderTrust, NContracts, Criterion Holdings Corporation, Woodland Street Partners, Stratasan, Paragon Group, and FCV's partnerships.  In addition to his responsibilities at FCV, he is an active board member to nonprofit organizations in the Nashville area.  Prior to joining FCV, Mr. Booker was a partner at XMi Holdings, Inc. managing their investment funds and President of XMi Capital where he participated in over 50 transactions.  While at XMi Holdings, he was CFO and served as a director to healthcare services firm Criterion Holdings Corporation, Inc. Criterion grew from 3 employees to nearly 600 before being acquired in 2016.  

Mr. Booker is a graduate of Vanderbilt University with a B.S. in Engineering and Economics.