Frist Cressey Ventures focuses our time and attention on three key areas that accelerate growth, reduce risk, and maximize return on investment: recruiting top talent, connecting partnerships with our deep industry network, and executing our partnerships’ plans to improve healthcare.




  • Capital partners

  • board members

  • board advisers

  • executives

  • employees

  • clinical advisers

Your most valuable asset is your team.  Identifying, hiring, and retaining the best people is one of the most challenging activities for any company.  Whether it’s setting up compensation structures, qualifying your next executive level candidate, or determining the best cultural fit, we dedicate significant time and resources to get it right.  Through our deep database of contacts, we help our partners identify:


  • customers

  • distribution channel partners

  • joint ventures

  • acquirers

  • development partners

  • acquisitions

We are no more than one degree of separation from individuals and organizations throughout the US healthcare system. We take pride and work hard to help our partnerships connect with organizations and individuals who are potential:


  • pattern recognition within a sector

  • regulatory policies and trends

  • financial matters

  • connecting with like-minded companies

  • insight into competitors

  • sounding board for management

We are committed to helping you execute your plan and use our knowledge, experiences, and expertise to create the best possible outcomes.  Whether it's our deep understanding of healthcare or experience in growing successful enterprises, we work side by side with management to assist in numerous areas including: